About RLM

We Exist to:

Strengthen the believer to live in victory. One of our assignments from the Holy Spirit is to genuinely ENCOURAGE you to live a life of victory! As cliché as it sounds, “God said it…that settles it…and I believe it!” Our existence is based upon raising up believers to follow the call of God on their life, so they can not only be fulfilled, but successful!

Train a new generation of leaders that will bring revival and reformation to the church and society. Our transformational leadership raises up others to bring the Kingdom message to a new generation. The old ways of evangelism doesn’t always work. We train our friends and our partners to be on the very “cutting edge” of what God is doing, so the world can recognize the hand of God at work through His Body here on the earth.

Carry Out

Carry out humanitarian work across the globe. God has charged us with a mission to be very precise in our outreach around the world. God wants us to be extremely effective in all that we accomplish with the finances He has provided through His faithful donor’s. He expects us to do as much harm to the Devil as possible. We have been able bring lasting change to entire countries through our global outreaches.

Help accomplish the Great Commission. Matthew 28:19-20 and Mark 16:15 is the Great Commission of Christ that motivates Roberts Liardon Ministries to reach the world with the Full Gospel message of love and redemption.

Roberts Liardon Ministries is Global

RLM is literally touching millions of lives with the power of the Holy Spirit! This unique and powerful ministry is building God’s Kingdom – one heart at a time! The foundation of this ministry is prayer! Our prayer partners help many thousands to come to Christ every year. Millions are touched through this worldwide ministry, a genuine resource of victory for the entire Body of Christ. Relationship is the key element that bonds the staff at Roberts Liardon Ministries to the partners around the world.

The teaching on ”God’s Generals” is unique, as it builds faith and encouragement for the supernatural life. The strong apostolic worldwide preaching and teaching of Dr. Roberts Liardon has touched literally MILLIONS!

Loving God

Lifting People

Living Strong