Great Testimony About the Impact of God’s Generals for Kids Books

Kathryn KuhlmanJust recently someone sent us a wonderful testimony of how God is using the new God’s Generals for Kids books to impact young children.  Bill Johnson’s church, Bethel, in Redding, California have begun a study in their children church using the God’s Generals for Kids books.  They began with the fist volume on the life and ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman.  Here is what they wrote us:

We began a study on God’s Generals for Kids today using Vol 1: Kathryn Kuhlman.  We created an atmosphere in the room with posters from the 1920’s, showed YouTube clips of Steamboat Willie and played music from that era. Of course you always need a candy (Baby Ruth and Butterfingers) and games to make it fun and create a picture of what it would have been like for young Kathryn.  Kathryn was a teen then and had her first encounter with God at 14.  She shares on a YouTube clip about that encounter where she gave her heart to Jesus and was impacted by the Holy Spirit.  The children began to share their testimonies of when they had first felt God touch them.  We then just began as a class to ask for more, step out beyond being saved, but moving into bringing Heaven to earth and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  Children began to feel the heaviness and weightiness of God’s presence, many had hands or feet that felt hot, one child said a gate in his heart was opened and it had been closed for a long time, healing broke out as some got words of knowledge and others responded. Backs, necks, headaches and stomach aches were healed as children began laying hands on each other.

The third service was much the same as the second service except that at the end there was an even stronger presence of the Lord.  As we dismissed class, we gave the children an opportunity to stay and soak in God’s presence or leave if they wanted. The whole class lay back down on the floorMany were visibly touched; some needed help to leave the class; some were crying tears of joy as the Lord touched them”.

We are deeply moved by testimonies like these. This is the purpose for these books.  To see lives changed and turned on fire for God. The fourth volume of God’s Generals for Kids just came out this week.  It is about the life and ministry of Maria Woodworth-Etter.  You can buy it in our on-line bookstore NOW.


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Great Testimony About the Impact of God’s Generals for Kids Books