Hagin On My Mind

by Oct 14, 2020What's on my mind

For the past months I have been doing research and interviews for my next edition of the God’s Generals series, which will be about the Word of Faith Revival. I was a teenager when my family first heard the teaching of faith. We saw it in the Word, we embraced it, and through it God transformed our lives. Unfortunately, some Christians rejected the teaching of faith, while others took the truth and twisted it into error.

As a student of revivals in church history, I learned that some will take a fresh revelation from of the Word of God and go to extremes with it. That even happened in the first century church! We know this because the epistles of the New Testament are filled with corrections and admonitions for believers. Kenneth E. Hagin, a founder of the Word of Faith Revival, used to say, “Eat the hay and spit out the sticks.” In other words, check everything you are taught with God’s Word.

I’m excited to be working on this volume of God’s Generals, mostly because the teaching on faith from God’s Word has been neglected for the past twenty years. I believe it is one reason the Church became so impotent. My hope is that, as this teaching is revived, the Church will arise with the full authority of God’s Word and power of the Holy Spirit Jesus commanded us to walk in. God knows, our nations need a strong Church right now!

I am also praying and excited about the next nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States: Amy Coney Barrett, who is a charismatic Catholic and constitutional originalist. This makes her an excellent choice!