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Over 16.5 million copies of God’s Generals Books have been sold —Join the LIVE e-course for the first time ever! Discover how to:

Be a strong voice WITHOUT compromise!

Do great exploits without apologizing!

Become the VOICE this generation needs—NOW! 

From the lives of Generals like John G. Lake, Kathryn Kuhlman, Smith Wigglesworth, William Seymour, Aimee Semple McPherson, and MANY more…

Don’t forget the example of your spiritual leaders who have spoken God’s messages to you, take a close look at how their lives ended, and then follow their walk of faith.

Hebrews 13:7

This course is useful for you if …

You're called to ministry

Many ministry schools and equipping programs make God’s Generals books mandatory reading! This course will probably be the same for many.

You want to live boldly for God

You may not be called to a fivefold ministry position, but you’re ALWAYS called to be a minister of the Gospel. And the signs (and gifts) will follow those that BELIEVE!

You want more out of your faith

Many believers aren’t even aware that God can use regular people powerfully;  they just need inspiration (and some truth!)

You feel called as a General!

God sometimes speaks to us about our calling and it’s hard to believe. This course will help bring confirmation and empower those stuck with doubt and needing a faith boost!

What can you learn with this course?

Each Course Corresponds to the Weekly Schedule with the first session

beginning September 7th, and the last ending October 19th.

1. Called and Qualified

What a General is, Who can be a General, and How a General is Called

2. Set Apart: The Lifestyle of a General

The foundations: basic beliefs and qualifications, the consecration of life plans and lifestyles.

3. The Gifts God Gives

When God endows, gives gifts, geography and  granting assignments, carrying the anointing and increasing ministry effectiveness

4. The Dream Team

Choosing the RIGHT people to help change the world, family dynamics, and how to navigate marriage and children in the ministry. 

5. Take Heed To Oneself

When big things are happening in ministry, beware of what’s happening in your heart.  A self-examination.

6. Warnings and Pitfalls

Beware of the ditches and other sneaky traps of man and demons: sex, money, and fame.


7. Finals Thoughts Q&A

A time to reflect, ask questions, and pray!

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God’s Generals Testimonies

Hear what others have said about God’s Generals books:

For years, readers have been inspired by the lives of God’s former Generals, we can’t wait to equip the next generation!

Jack S.

Amazon Reader

“This is the first book I have ever read that my heart races when I read it. It’s so spirit-filled and exciting that I can’t read it fast enough. I look forward to getting home and opening it up and continuing my reading. This book makes me want everything God has for me on this earth”


Amazon Reader

“Very interesting book on people who served God in spectacular ways…This is a very worthwhile read for anyone interested in revivals and spiritually gifted men and women.”

M. Wood

Amazon Reader

“Wow! I absolutely loved this book, would read it again, and can’t wait to order the other God’s Generals books. Roberts is so incredibly objective and truthful yet so full of grace and respect for each “General” he wrote about. These stories inspired me, increased my faith, and have increased a desire in me for MORE.”

Reuben W.

Amazon Reader

“…As I’m nearing completion of this book I’m deeply inspired not just by the great miracles they performed but also that God uses ordinary and available people to do great things for Him! This is a MUST-READ for any believer but especially those who are called to the ministry.”


Amazon Reader

“Love this book; super inspirational well written and you get to understand these people and how and why God used them.”

Shane M.

Amazon Reader

“…Every man or woman who feels that they are called to ministry should HAVE to read this book first. I found my self in tears as I read through the stories of these pioneers whom many paved the way before us in areas of the charismata such as healing, miracles, and prophecy…”

Have a question?

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If I can't watch the LIVE recording, will I still be able to access the class?

YES! Each week, we will provide the link to view the recording after the LIVE session ends so you don’t miss a thing!

How long does the course last?

The course begins on Sept 7th and runs for 7 weeks ( one LIVE teaching per week). The 7th week will include a time of Q&A.

Do I need to purchase any books for the course?

There is no REQUIRED book purchase, however, selecting a God’s Generals Book in the area you feel called (Revivalist, Missionary, Healing Evangelist, Martyrs etc.) will certainly enhance your experience. 

Will I be able to communicate with other students?

Absolutely! Please feel free to ask questions, discuss course material, and pray for and encourage each other in the course’s private  Facebook group!

Does taking this course guarantee I'll become a general in God's army?

What you do with this material will be between you and God. We are here to teach, train, and guide you and pray you receive the fullness of all God has fo you!

Will I be able to ask any questions in this course?

Yes! Our last session will be dedicated to answering your questions LIVE. We will also do our best to answer questions in the private Facebook group. 

Can my family participate in this course with me?

We believe that people can be called as individuals, couples, OR entire families—so YES. However, we ask that links not be shared and only the name that registers for the course will get access to the FB group and course link. Your family members must be physically present with your to enjoy the course.

Course Price:  $147