Jesus was Clear

by Sep 3, 2020What's on my mind

Negative, discouraging, depressing talk. Where in the Bible does it say that every time we open our mouths, we are to say something that will bring down ourselves and everyone else? I know there are times when we need to unburden ourselves, but if we find ourselves doing that in every conversation, we need a confession check! If you don’t think this is important…

“I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment. For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”

Matthew 12:36-37

Jesus was clear that what we say is serious. Are we speaking words of life or death? “Oh dear. My friend Jane is such a fool. She insists on living alone, she’s obsessed with her dog. Her whole life is wrapped up in that stupid mutt. I feel sorry for her. When he dies, she’ll be a basket case.” I would not want this person as my friend, would you? Poor Jane just got cursed – not to mention her dog!

If Jane is obsessed, we need to minister to her not condemn her. We need to be praying God’s Word and will over her, that she will be blessed and live a healthy life. If she just loves her dog and loves God more, where’s the problem? If we are truly her friend, we will keep our mouth shut until the Holy Spirit opens it.

“I’m so upset! Every day the news is full of how the world is going to hell. I’ve never seen such evil in my life. God help us, we are going down the drain!” Now the nation just got cursed! I don’t think that’s what Jesus is praying up in Heaven. I think He’s praying His Word and will over us, and we should be agreeing with Him.

Today my prayer is that the Church will put a guard over her mouth and understand the difference between fact and truth. Fact: There are many people in the world who do evil things. Truth: God is greater, He sent Jesus so He could transform them, and He uses us to pray and be His instruments of change.

Once we know the facts and the truth, which one will continually come out of our mouth? Which one will be magnified to us and others?

Whatever issue or situation you are dealing with, go to the Word of God and find out what He would have you say and confess. Pray in the Spirit and get the mind of Christ, then speak from your spirit. You will marvel at how the Lord works in your life and the lives of everyone you pray for and touch.