Keep the Faith, Regardless of What We See or Hear!

by Nov 20, 2020What's on my mind

Only history will tell the full significance of the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States last month, but her behavior during the confirmation process spoke to me personally.

As I watched her answer the questions of senators, I marveled. When those opposing her hurled insult and accusation at her, she remained poised and eloquent. She knew her stuff and gently but firmly stood her ground. When she was praised by those promoting her, she remained humble and grateful. There was no hint of pride or arrogance. There were no shouting matches. I only saw a quiet, wise woman – full of the power of the Holy Spirit.

Her godly performance challenged me. As I wait for the election results, I covet her faith, her courage, and her gentleness. If you saw her also, you probably feel the same conviction not to be moved by lies, accusations, or insults. We must face down all fears with faith and act courageously. We must stay in the peace of God, rest in the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ, and refuse to be worn down or worn out by false reports and news.

We know our Heavenly Father is hearing our prayers and answering them. We also know that He rarely answers our prayers the way we would like Him to! So we must trust Him to do what’s best and stay the course. We must keep the faith regardless of what we see or hear, and continue to declare the truth: He is faithful!