Friends of Ministry Luncheon

by Cathy Lechner | March 27, 2017


Keep the Faith, Regardless of What We See or Hear!

Only history will tell the full significance of the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States last month, but her behavior during the confirmation process spoke to me personally. As I watched her answer the questions of senators, I...

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What are the Most Important Elements of Prayer?

In the last newsletter, we saw how prayer changes things, but what are the most important elements of our prayers? What ensures that our prayers will be answered? We pray God’s Word and will. If it isn’t in the Bible, we must have the peace of the Holy Spirit in our...

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The First Thanksgiving

Pastor Roberts, I hear different accounts of the first Thanksgiving. What do you believe? I believe the historic documents, the writings of the Pilgrims. Their accounts tell not only what happened but the true relationship between them and the Indians in those first...

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Hagin On My Mind

For the past months I have been doing research and interviews for my next edition of the God’s Generals series, which will be about the Word of Faith Revival. I was a teenager when my family first heard the teaching of faith. We saw it in the Word, we embraced it, and...

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Persecution of the Worst Kind

The United States of America has gone through tremendous turmoil, century after century, and by God’s grace and a strong Church that rose up in revivals, awakenings, and reformations, we have survived. However, today is different from any other time. We are on a...

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Jesus was Clear

Negative, discouraging, depressing talk. Where in the Bible does it say that every time we open our mouths, we are to say something that will bring down ourselves and everyone else? I know there are times when we need to unburden ourselves, but if we find ourselves...

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When the Unexpected Happens

When the unexpected happens three or four times a day, when all hell breaks loose around you day after day, what should you do? How do you fight through it and win? Keep doing what you have always done, which hopefully is the following: Read and study the Word of God....

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Should the Church be active in politics?

Exodus 18 illustrates what is clearly written in Romans 13:1: God appoints all authorities in government. Then Jesus named us ekklesia (translated church), which was a governing body in Greek and Roman times. So why can’t churches be involved in politics? In America,...

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What’s on my mind today?

I’m concerned because some of the false doctrines we got straightened out years ago are now creeping back. There is a foundational doctrine that must be rock-solid and fully established in your heart and mind if you are going to live a joyous and successful Christian...

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War Tactics 

People of faith are the greatest warriors in the world. I grew up surrounded by them. Not only was I taught the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit at home, but my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was like an open Heaven on Earth at that time. Believers brought the...

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Q & A Controversies

Pastor Roberts, have you seen the video of Pastor Coverstone and his dreams? Are they true? I have watched this video and am shocked and dismayed – not by the video but by the reactions to it. It has showed me that the Church may be more accepting of the prophetic...

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