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Pastor Carol Liardon Updates

Pastor Carol Liardon: Latest Update

Wednesday December 16th, 2020

Last Wednesday Mom had a scheduled surgery to repair her heart valve. The surgery was successful. Her recovery, however, has had complications.

The heart has not been pumping strongly enough. The doctors surgically inserted two temporary heart pumps; one on the right side and one on the left. The weakness of the pumping of her heart made dialysis necessary, because her kidneys were not functioning very well.

These complications after her heart valve surgery were not normal; they also were not unusual. The last few days have seen marked improvement in Mom’s recovery. The medical team and our family are hopeful for a full recovery. The doctors will soon remove the left heart pump.

Your prayers are working. Thank you so much. Please continue to pray.

Some of you have wanted to send flowers. That’s not possible yet; flowers are not allowed in ICU.

Thank you for those who want to contribute financially. There is a financial need for the family and for our ministry. Mom helps lead the ministry. She is very involved and a powerful minister herself. Mom is insured. There are, however, daily expenses and hotel costs that we have incurred and these expenses continue every day.

If you want to donate for this crisis God is bringing us through, go to and click on “learn more” on Mom’s picture.

Mike and Priscilla and I and our ministry team want to thank each of you for your powerful prayers and for your loving support. Continue to agree with us for Mom’s complete healing and for her heart, kidneys and all of her organs to be functioning normally.

We will keep you posted daily.

God bless you abundantly,