Don't Let The Devil Destroy Your Purpose by Roberts Liardon

Don’t Let The Devil Destroy Your Purpose


You were designed by God for a Purpose! As you read this book you will be reminded of who God made you to be and how to maintain a life of victory and purpose.

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Everybody needs to discover their purpose in life and fulfill it. Purpose takes you out of the arena of the soul and puts you in the arena of faith and adventure.

Many people have no adventure in their life because they have no purpose. Those who know their God and their purpose, do not live in wonder-wonder land. Purpose means you make things happen!

In this life-changing book Roberts Liardon shows you how to:

  • Discover your purpose.
  • Pursue your purpose.
  • Protect your purpose.
  • Perfect your purpose

There comes a day when you have to decide to follow your purpose. Those who know their purpose declare war on the devil and they never give up! They fight! That’s why the devil “hates” an individual that knows their purpose and their call!

Don’t let the devil destroy the effectiveness of your purpose! Learn to take charge of your destiny! Overcome the pitfalls to your purpose and become a general in God’s army!

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