How to Stay In Your High Calling And Not come Out by Roberts Liardon

How To Stay In Your Hig Calling And Not Come Out!


DON’T LOSE YOUR SPIRITUAL EDGE! Many Christians love Jesus with all their heart, but they have not learned how to keep their authority and remain at their spiritual post during times of pressure.

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In this unique paraphrase of the Epistles of Paul to Timothy, Roberts Liardon reveals how Paul put Timothy back on the cutting edge of ministry.

Timothy was facing the pressures of pastoring a large church during a time of persecution. He was most likely on the top of the enemy’s hit list of most wanted men. Timothy was also facing the pressure of finding homes for the orphans whose parents were martyred in the theaters of Rome. In addition he had to make sure he was preaching messages on the right things so that everybody was being touched and the atmosphere of his church stayed right.

God moved on the apostle Paul to pray for Timothy and write him letters during this trial of great persecution and pressure. As a result, Timothy remained on the front lines of Christian ministry and fulfilled his high call in Christ Jesus.

In these powerful pages, Roberts Liardon shares how a spiritual father relates to a son in the faith. You will learn:

  • How to stay in the right spiritual position in life & ministry.
  • How to remain faithful to God and your call while under pressure.
  • How to speak with divine authority and overcome the spirit of fear.
  • How to not be ashamed of your spiritual DNA…. and much more

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