Tommy Hicks and Smith Wigglesworth mini-books


In these two mini-books two remarkable prophecies are recorded and explored so that each of us can connect with what God is planning next for our world in our time. Will you be ready? Studying these prophecies may be the best way to begin preparing to do your part!


These two mini-books are great. They fit in your purse and make a great gift as well.

Book 1: The Smith Wigglesworth Prophecy:  this revelation was part of a prophecy Smith Wigglesworth gave in 1936 to a young man named David du Plesis. The revival Wigglesworth foresaw was a continuation of the Pentecostal movement into the charismatic renewal that continues to this day.

Book 2: The vision of the Awakening Giant: The vision given to Rev. Tommy Hicks was not to be given to only one person, but it was for the body of Christ at large.  There is a good deal we can learn from looking at Rev. Hick’s vision about the end times Church and walking it out in our lifetime.

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