Prophesy Given By Roberts Liardon
June 18th 1999
Eagle Rock Ministries

robertswebThere shall come out of this state strong healing ministries oh, says the Spirit of God, miracle and healing ministries that this state has not known, has not known shall be birthed. Yes they shall be, yes they shall be, healing ministries, healing ministries, healing ministries, shall be birthed in this state …. I keep hearing the spirit of the Lord say healing ministries, ministries of healing to the body. Notable miracles, notable, notable, notable miracles,. notable miracles, notable miracles, notable, notable, notable miracles. Notable miracles, yes notable, notable, notable.

Praise God, notable miracles, notable miracles, I feel this the same way. I don’t want to tell this story in a sense of arrogant thing, but I feel prompted to tell this, but it feels the same way that this happened right before Pastor Benny Hinn began his miracle ministry that we all know he has now I was preaching at his church for one of his I think that it was one of his conferences and I was preaching kinda like I did tonight and all of the sudden the Lord just stopped me in the middle of it and the word notable miracles began to be, I think I said it about 40 times, it kept coming like a river over and over and over. I feel that same way.

When I said healing ministries not so much just a healing ministry but a notable healing ministry with notable miracles. I feel that and I feel this way there shall come up among you two strong men with that notable miracle ministry and there will be a woman that will come up in that same flow and it is important that we say that, I don’t know why, going off on that woman thing for a while there’s a thing out here in the atmosphere that does not want that to be.

I’m not speaking of an imbalance, women don’t have to show off that they’re a women preacher, they just do what God called them to do, don’t make an issue out of it, just obey the Lord. But I hear that there’s two men and a woman, there’s probably more than that but that’s what the Lord spoke to me tonight. Come notable, notable, notable, notable, notable, notable miracles.

Years ago a lady prophetess named Jean Wilkerson,, some of you may know of her, or you may not know of her, great woman prophetess of the Lord, she gave a unique prophesy” that I remember years ago hearing about, she began to prophesy about the different states and their role in the future. She talked about the states that began with the letter ” 0 ” Oklahoma, Ohio she said the states that begin with O will govern in the years ahead, they will have a leading posture of what goes on. And Ohio, you’re coming into that more and more and more and more. And remember let not the leaders of this state become egotistical and jealous of one another. Because there’s always going to be more than one that God will use out of this state, more than two, more than three. But let me say this about soulish addictions, do not get caught up with one type of manifestation. Or as a leading person God may use, not to be honorable of a different administration of anointing and gifting. That if it’s not like you it can’t be, cause it can be if. Paul said it this way, there is diversities of gifts and ministries and operations and there is diversities in this state.that’s growing all over this state right now. A diversity of anointing, a diversity of operations, don’t let young ego kill the variety of Gods anointing. Don’t let young ego isolate and stop the flow of what Gods purpose is for this state, don’t let young ego cause a loose mouth that you’ll regret later when you start to reap the words you spoke. I keep hearing God saying young ego, young ego, don’t let it rule you. Don’t let it rule, don’t let it rule.

Acceleration, acceleration of promises I will accelerate, I will speed up the promises and the work that I’ve begun in this state. What has taken a year shall take only months, what has taken months shall only take days, and what took days shall take moments. I am accelerating my work in this state and Ii this house. Acceleration, a divine pace, a divine enhancement am I doing in the state of Ohio. I’m accelerating my promise, I’m enhancing my promises, yes, yes, yes, yes accelerating it, I just bear him keep saying I’m accelerating my promises, I’m accelerating my promises, I’m accelerating what I promised this state. What you think shall take long shall be cut short, says the Spirit of the Lord. I feel the same thing felt when I first preached with Ulf Eckman back in the early 80’s in this same house and the same way I felt before that Scandinavian revival broke out with Sweden and brother Ulf and Oslow. They had just begun, they had about the same amount of people that are in you ‘re church here tonight and within a matter of a year he went over 1500 people, the school exploded to over 1000 students and that’s the same type of atmosphere, the same type of hunger that’s coming up is in here. I just want to encourage you before I give it back to brother Bowlings, don’t stop folks, whatever it takes you to keep a divine press and just stay in on it just stay in there, just stay in there in that prayer time. And that place of faith and confession, that prayer, that giving, that pursuit of the church, just stay in there cause you’re breaking the barriers of things, not just for you’re local house but Gods doing something in the state, in the state, in the state of Ohio. I feel the same way, he’ll do an accelerated work, an accelerated work, so what you have to be careful of when you hear words like you did tonight or others that might have been spoken in your church or wherever you may have been at the time when God has brought those words of utterance, don’t try to interpret it with your mind or pursue it by mental things, do it by the spirit, do what’s in you, what’s in you, the longings in you, the longing to pray a little bit longer, stay in there.


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