Q & A Controversies

by Aug 1, 2020Q & A Controversies

Pastor Roberts, have you seen the video of Pastor Coverstone and his dreams? Are they true?

I have watched this video and am shocked and dismayed – not by the video but by the reactions to it. It has showed me that the Church may be more accepting of the prophetic than ever before, but our spiritual discernment and biblical understanding of the prophetic is lacking. 

Any believer listening to the account of those dreams should have immediately had a check in their spirit and dismissed the video. You probably had a lack of peace in your spirit, a bad inner witness, but did you trust your spirit and the Holy Spirit in you? Believers need to stop listening to the news, pick up their Bibles, and listen to the Holy Spirit in their spirit. Then they will be able to judge these prophecies correctly – and avoid unnecessary fear and torment.

What does the Bible say? In 1 Corinthians 14:3, we are told that prophetic words are to build up, exhort, and comfort the saints. Pastor Coverstone’s dreams exalt the plans of the devil and scare people to death! Furthermore, he offers no comfort, no Scripture, and simply advises us to hide, hoard, and buy a gun.

True prophets should simply say: “This is a false prophecy.” If the Holy Spirit leads them, they should go to Pastor Coverstone, advise him to stop reading forty newspapers a day, and restore him to the truth of God’s Word regarding prophecy – and how to stay grounded in these end times. 

Prophecy is a tremendous gift to the Church and will always impart hope and peace in your spirit. The Holy Spirit may reveal what the devil has planned, but He will also show you what God has planned. Even when He rebukes, He will not condemn or shame you. He always assures you of His love and shows you a way forward. The main thing is that a true word from God will line up with His Word and impart peace to your spirit.

Bottom line: Trust the inward witness of the Holy Spirit in your spirit! He will always agree with God’s Word.