Should Pastors and Church Leaders Broadcast who they are Voting for?

by Oct 13, 2020Q & A Controversies

Have you heard of the 1954 Johnson Amendment? It prohibits non-profits from exercising free speech to support or oppose political candidates. On May 4, 2017, President Trump signed the “Presidential Executive Order Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty.” It protects religious institutions and leaders from sanctions if they speak out politically. As a result, more religious leaders are exercising their constitutional right of religious freedom.

We should never allow an unconstitutional law to stop us from preaching the Gospel and teaching God’s Word. I will also speak out when a political party is promoting actions and ideas that are not only opposed to biblical truth but our free Republic that grants religious freedom.

Openly and boldly, I declare that the agenda of the Democratic Party is in dangerous opposition to our biblical morals and values. I’m not saying they are bad people! They simply stand for actions and ideas that are opposed to God’s Word. Here are several – with my comments:

  • Abortion – God mourns the death of over 60 million babies in the womb. He knows us before we are conceived, and we are made in His image, which is why Satan inspires the lost and ignorant to kill babies.
  • Socialism/Marxism – Socialism leads to Marxism, and Karl Marx was an atheist, hated blacks and Hispanics, and promoted euthanasia of any person who was not a productive member of society (elderly, handicapped). Jesus was God and died for all people, making every life valuable and precious to God. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty not tyranny.
  • Open Borders – God had Israel build a wall to protect them from enemies, as did other cities. The Bible says that a person who can’t control themselves is like a city that is broken down, without walls.
  • Harassment and physical harm toward anyone (and their business) who disagrees – We are to love and pray for our enemies with a view of leading them to the Lord. We don’t force our views on anyone.
  • Identity politics and exalting victimhood – God judges a person by their words and actions not the color of their skin, gender, or money in their pocket. He removes His hand of blessing from those who trust in anything or anyone other than Him. A Christian’s identity is in Jesus Christ alone, and we live for Him not ourselves.

If you vote for a democrat, I still love you as my brother or sister. We are in God’s family forever, and that overrides any political dispute! However, it’s my responsibility to reveal what you are really voting for. Do you want the government to dictate your life, or do you want the freedom to choose the path God ordained for you? The Democratic Party wants to decide your wages, health care, business dealings, and religious practices – because they know better than you. The Republican Party trusts you to make your own decisions.

Remember: God does not always choose leaders who are likable. Trump is not always likable, but he is preserving our freedoms, the most important being religious freedom. I beg you to vote on biblical principle and not on personality, or next year the government may declare my ministry and your ministry “canceled.”