Should the Church be active in politics?

by Sep 2, 2020Q & A Controversies

Exodus 18 illustrates what is clearly written in Romans 13:1: God appoints all authorities in government. Then Jesus named us ekklesia (translated church), which was a governing body in Greek and Roman times. So why can’t churches be involved in politics?

In America, we allowed the enemy to take one letter from Thomas Jefferson and twist his words to change the meaning of the First Amendment of the Constitution. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” became “separation of church and state.” Anti-Christian factions used this to stop Christian expression in the public square, schools, and marketplaces. Thank God, we are seeing a move of God in the Church to take back our constitutional right of religious freedom.

I also want to challenge two-faced Christians. They call pastors who fall and believers who don’t live godly lives hypocrites; then they sneak into the voting booth and cast their ballot for someone who promotes murdering babies in the womb, rioting and vandalism, programs that destroy the family, and entitlements that seduce people into looking to government instead of God as their source of health, deliverance, and prosperity.

So how do you decide who to vote for? Have you read the platforms, the beliefs and goals of each party? Have you compared them to what God says in His Word? Or do you vote the way your family raised you to vote? Do you vote the way they taught you in school or what you read in the news? Do you vote for the most likeable person, regardless of their agenda?

Vote on biblical principle. Be a person of the Book not a conformer to the world. God will bless you for voting righteously, and if all of us vote for people whose agenda is in line with God’s Word, our nations will be blessed by God.