Are you a Soldior or a Warrior?

By: Carol Liardon

Are you a soldier or are you a warrior? There’s a big difference between them. A soldier marches in a straight line looking nice, but a warrior goes out to fight!  Warriors move! Warriors refuse to stand still! They move and they go and they do! Soldiers — they just march. Over in London, in front of the palace, soldiers just march and march and march; that’s all they do! Warriors go out and they fight!

What are you today: a soldier or a warrior? What are you supposed to conquer in your life? Do you know? Where is God sending you? What is God saying to you on the inside? What are you supposed to conquer for the Lord? Whatever it is, it will not be handed to you on a silver platter! You are going to have to take it! And it will not be easy to take! You’ll have to go out and fight for it! And we don’t retreat! We don’t look back! We keep going! I don’t care how hard the battle is – if you have to crawl, crawl! Don’t ever retreat and turn back! Move forward and keep going on! Conquer what God has placed before you! You may have to crawl part of the way, but when you get there, you’ll be able to stand tall! You’ll be able to plant that gospel flag and say, “I’ve conquered this land, and I’ve conquered it for Jesus!”

There’s a lot of work to be done before Jesus returns to the earth. The day of His glorious return is coming closer every day. God needs His people, His believers, to have the genuine stuff on the inside of them. How are we going to win the world if we’re not genuine on the inside?

It doesn’t matter how many diplomas or degrees are behind your name. You can go to every Bible School in every nation and graduate, but it won’t make any difference if you don’t have what is genuine on the inside of you. It doesn’t matter how many churches you preach in or how many people you have on your mailing list. What matters is how many you have reached for Jesus. God wants us to have the genuine on the inside of us!

Do you know what? You’re part of a new generation. You have a responsibility to the world, to the nations and to Jesus. Don’t throw it out of the window! Grab hold and run with it and say, “Yes God! I will be part of this new generation —I will go where you want me to go! I will say what you want me to say! I will do what you want me to do!” That’s the kind of heart that God wants. Purpose inside to have that kind of a heart today. Purpose to fight as a warrior on the field of battle and not to just march as a soldier in a parade!


Are you a soldier or a warrior?