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How God Makes Women
Generals E-Course

Women have battled cultural and religious biases since the beginning of time; especially when it comes to doing radical things with God. But God has used and continues to use ordinary women in every generation to break cultural and racial boundaries to usher in some of His most powerful moves of revival! By studying the lives of God’s former women generals: the very REAL struggles they faced along with the incredible victories, you’ll be empowered to step into your own calling: Deborahs, Esthers, Kathryn’s and Aimees….ARISE!

Monday nights November 2nd-November 30th (5 weeks)
Roberts Liardon
Joe Martin
Women's Revivalist Historian

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What others are saying

During the course of my life I was always told that women were not to be in the five fold ministry. I've even heard that from the pulpit recently at a church locally. I struggled most of my Christian walk tying to "find" my place. It wasn't until I began to learn about the the five fold ministry this year and its role in the church that I began to realize the truth. Then when I came to Roberts Liardon's class "How God Makes Generals" E-Course that God hit it home for me! Not only does God use women in the five fold ministry, but they have been God's Generals in the past and will do it again in the future. Who knows could be the next one of them. Only the Lord knows.

Jaqueline M.

This class has empowered me, and brought out my strengths. I had to be divorced in 2002 after several years of abuse and abuse to my children, despite the church saying over and over "God hates divorce." Through that trial of both abuse at home and fierce rejection and lack of support from my local church (and any other church I went to for help) I did get closer to God because I had "only him" Many times in my life. The stories of Amy and others reminds me of the passage "Look to Abraham, I called him alone" in the book of Isaiah. We have other witnesses that sometimes we are pioneering our way through some rough territory. After 4 sessions of Generals and prayer from some friends I met here, I found myself empowered, bolder, and able to say things I have never been able to say while speaking at a local (Foursquare) church recently. God has given me out of the box messages and revelations from his heart, but I have lacked the complete boldness to share without flinching in the face of rejection from man. These courageous women and men of God inspire me to have courage, and this class fans the flame of my destiny and gives me hope and strength to go forward. My classmates are awesome too.

Laura G.

I have always loved Pastor Roberts God's Generals series and have gleaned from the books and videos but when you join in a live e-course you are catapulted into another level of insight! It is not hard to understand why God commissioned Pastor Roberts at an early age to study His generals and learn from them. When you join the class you are not only learning from the lives of the Generals themselves but years and years of circumspect research by Pastor Roberts. The life application lessons given in each class will solidify your Christian walk and assist you as a called believer on how to draw closer to the Lord and avoid pitfalls as you walk out your God given calling! You just may be God's NEXT General wouldn't you love to know better how to fulfill your calling! Allow Pastor Roberts to equip you!

Janice H.
“You are not here in the world for yourself. You have been sent here for others...

"The world is waiting for you.”

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